Lifestyle Medicine is a growing field that encompasses the areas of our life over which we can exercise control: our eating patterns, how we sleep, how physically active we are, our stress levels, and levels consumption of risky substances. Medications are used where necessary, but only after we have addressed all lifestyle contributors, and not as a first resort. The ultimate goal is to liberate you from the health care system and free you to live life to the fullest.

Preparing Healthy Food



In order to maximize time spent with patients and to avoid interference with the physician/patient relationship, Dr. Gudel does not participate with or accept insurance. Patients will be provided with an itemized receipt which they can then submit to their insurer/HSA for reimbursement or application.

To book an appointment, please visit the "Investment" page and purchase the desired service, after which you will be contacted to set up appointment.


Lifestyle Medicine vs Primary Care


Lifestyle Medicine enhances but does not replace primary care. Patients will still need to visit their primary care physician for routine care, such as vaccines, minor procedures, acute injuries etc. If you have a question about what

Dr. Gudel can address in office, please email your inquiry to As should always be the case, if you are having medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.




Routine* labs are included with the investment of each visit. Extensive labs may be covered by insurance, or will be offered at a discounted price via the lab with which Dr. Gudel works. Imaging services are offered via Green Imaging, who, along with their network of imaging centers and reading radiologists will provide studies at a fraction of market cost. 

*Contact Dr. Gudel via email for a listing of covered lab tests.