What is
Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is a growing field that utilizes evidence-based lifestyle choices as a primary – but not exclusive - method of preventing and reversing disease. It is composed of 6 pillars, all of which contribute to health, and are:

A whole-food, plant-based eating pattern
 Regular physical activity
 Restorative sleep
 Stress management
 Avoidance of risky substances
 Positive social connections

Lifestyle Medicine recognizes the fact that the root cause of most chronic disease is not a deficiency of medications, but rather is a result of how our lifestyle and choices. 

Americans are understandably exasperated by being told to take increasing numbers and amounts of medications, yet are not taught about how to avert this need in the first place. In fact, we don't even know that there is any other option for us, than to take increasing medication doses and types. In short, there is no exit strategy in medicine as currently practiced.

We aim to change all that! It is time for the patient to take control!

Lifestyle Medicine leverages all the powers at our disposal (and there are many, as you will learn!) to make the body a hostile  terrain to acute and chronic disease. 

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