Kind Words

I reached out to Dr. Noah Gudel to assist my wife who was struggling with Covid 19 pneumonia. 

My wife had spent multiple days in the hospital where she was being treated with oxygen, steroids, and blood thinner. Her condition did not improve much during her hospital stay. I had asked the pulmonary doctor assigned to her case to treat her with ivermectin, but was refused the requested treatment. After five days in the hospital with no real improvement on her oxygen saturation level, my wife requested to be released from hospital care.

We arrived home with in-home oxygen, and that is when I reached out to Dr. Noah Gudel for her help.

Dr. Gudel educated us on the FLCCC I-Mask+ Protocol to treat the late stages of Covid 19. She prescribed ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, silidenafil, methylprednisolone, levofloxicin, eliquis, vitamin D2, vitamin D3, zinc, and vitamin C. My wife's oxygen saturation was running round 92 - 94% while on oxygen and would drop down to 84% without oxygen. After seven days of treatment, my wife's oxygen saturation reached 93 - 95% without oxygen.

Not only did Dr. Gudel save my wife's life. She went above and beyond what most physicians would do for a patient. She even hand delivered ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, and a nebulizer to our home because we couldn't get these critical medications on the weekend. Dr. Gudel is a godsend. We love her very much for what she has done in our lives. I would strongly recommend Dr. Gudel for early and late treatment of Covid 19.

/// RJ

Dr. Gudel is a breath of fresh air.  She listened to me, asked questions and treated me as a whole person.  I appreciate her approach to discover the root cause of my health concerns and discuss how to implement a lifestyle medicine plan specific to me,

/// ML